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Our friend is diagnosed Neoplasma malignum extracervitis uteri St. II12. Since we are new to this, now we need help with the settings, frequencies, time, waveform.

I've Googled this diagnosis with no result. And it's not in Wikipedia either. This means the doctor is probably being excessively formal or secretive medically, since it's in Latin rather than English.

He may mean cancerous uterine cervical neoplasms. Or maybe not. You need to seek a diagnosis in plain English.

If you enter "neoplasm" into Spooky2's Search box, you'll find frequency sets. Settings for killing, healing, and detox are given in the Morgellons Protocol v2.01 document. When treating cancer, you must be sure to either run another generator with detox (including blood cleansing), and liver/kidney support, or run such sets immediately after the cancer ones. It's OK to run these overnight.

You should also do as much to support the immune system as possible.

With regard to timing, you could start by running the cancer sets 20-40 times consecutively a day if using Remote, or 1-2 times if using Contact, and treat every second day until you see how the subject responds, then adjust accordingly. Everyone is different, and every cancer is different, so there are no hard and fast rules.

Further research tells me that the ectocervix is that portion of the cervix that slightly extrudes into the vaginal canal. It's covered with a layer of squamous cells, and, like most cervical cancers, Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is almost always the cause. This is usually tested for with a Pap or cervical smear.

This paints a brighter picture since there are a good number of sets in the database for HPV (also search for Papilloma) and a few for squamous cell carcinoma (search for Squamous).

A Spooky2 search for "genital" also yields Cancer Genital Female XTRA, and Cancer Genital Neoplasms Female KHZ.

For more details, please check the link:

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