I have adenocarcinoma stage 3 Colorectal cancer and am looking for the correct and proper frequencies to correlate with this cancer. Any ideas or suggestions?

1. I am a big advocate of running Morgellons protocol. If I had any type of cancer, I would run the cancer protocol then once it is complete, run specific to my cancer protocol. This will get you used to the system and give you great ideas of frequencies that will could you. See cancer protocols on http://www.spooky2.com/ downloads page.

For more details, please check:

2. Check this out for Colorectal delivery....

Other things to consider in addition to Spooky include:- Hydrogen Peroxide; B17; Curcumin; Cannabis Oil THC; Colloidal Silver; Radionics Rates for Cancer; Aura/Meridian/Chakra cleansing and clearing; Removal of Negative Energies; Orgone/Orgonite; Ozone; Alkaline Water etc.

3. Start meditating if you haven't already. 30 minutes twice per day, preferably in the morning and afternoon. In the beginning, concentrate on calming the body since there is probably a level of stress there. Get your body calm, it will strengthen the immune system, lower acidity, increase oxigenation and make the environment a lot worse for the cancer. It will also give you more clarity and focus so you can be in better contact with your body. Grounding exercises. Let the energy from the cancer cells be grounded out of your body. Some people when visualizing see the cancer energy as an inflamed, restless chemical energy. Tell your body to release it and let it go, and you can see if draining from your body. Gwen's suggestions about emotional blockages might come handy here.

- make sure you don't have any dental issues. You have removed mercury - good boy - but any root canaled teeth? Extraction and cleaning. You cannot get well with dead teeth in your mouth.

- since you already have an XM generator with remotes - use it. Set it to run 24/7 if you can take it and switch between killing programs and detox/support programs. For the killing programs, switch around a bit, don't just run the same frequencies over and over. If you have problems sleeping when the generator is running, you might want to give the organs a rest at night and run only calming/healing frequencies at night. Look in the forums for calming frequencies, there is a lot of info available.

- Freshly squeezed lemon juice with warm water every morning. Acid/base balance. Drinking a lot of ozonated water if you have a generator, if not, cheap ones come off ebay. You're doing coffee enemas - great - if you get an ozone generator, do ozone enemas too. Ozone resistant enema bags can be purchased from http://ozoneservices.com/ If you have a way of resetting the water structure before the enema, do so, if not, leave the water for the coffee/ozone enema in the sun for 30 minutes in a glass jar.

4. If I were in your shoes, sort of speak, this is what I'd do.

I would do the Things in the video link, from my earlier post and on the spooky2 machine, I'd do this:

Create a new frequency set called "RL - Stomach and intestines"

Choose this set.

Enter these settings:

Amplitude: 20v
Waveform: Square on 1 and "Inverse+Sync" on 2 (or Manuel's newest waveform "Inv. Sawtooth Harmonic" or JW killing (Papimi))
Offset: 100 on both 1 and -100 on 2 (0 - if you use Manuel's waveform or JW killing (Papimi))
Frequencies: Direct or 0,02% feathering

Use Black remote.

5. No one can give you the answers you want to hear. I'm sorry to say that but its the honest truth. Cancer is a systemic reaction in the body. There are many sources of the breakdown that results in this disease. Late Stage Cancer **may** (it's a long shot) be resolved with frequencies but recommendations should be for an entire wellness program that includes proper nutrition and removal of emotional baggage that has its own frequency damping effects on the body. Detoxing the body from the chemo is yet another hurdle. Many, many people are in your same position: trying to cram for the cancer exam when it's pass or fail. I feel for you. As each body has it's own biology, even a treatment that worked for someone else with the same disease may not be what works for you. You are better off to look for inspiration than to look for the answers you want to hear. (Read that last line again. Often the answers you need come to you from an angle you weren't anticipating.)

The biggest factor is the cancer patient's willingness to do everything it takes to be well. Many people give up the responsibility for their health to the "professionals"....both because it's the accepted procedure and because it's easier. Often it is difficult to change these perceptions. It is sometimes difficult to accept other people's choices about their health. 

Congratulations on making the effort to learn about rifing. You have taken a positive step in the direction of learning about a non-invasive modality for healing that will lead you to learning more about health and biology. This will serve you in your own life. As for your dad, maybe you just need to have the conversation with him about the technology and see if he's open to experimenting. 

6. You can take a look at the Positive Outcomes Forum here: https://www.spooky2.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=20. There you can find several interesting topics.
Just a few of them are:

I am no doctor so take my advice at your own risk. Keeping the body alkaline should slow down cancer these supplements should help with tumors. start the 11 day detox program then follow cancer protocol. Please guys I am just trying to help this guy please tell me if you have better ideas. Sounds like your in a bad place without a lot of options just trying to help.
If he has anymore chemo he should fast do google search for cancer and fasting.
You need to make the body alkaline asap cancer does not do well if the body is alkaline

Serrapeptase 3x daily it eats tumors


NATTOKINASE will help with tumors 3x daily

Proteolytic Enzymes also help with tumors 3x daily

7. In the following posts you will find members you can PM (Private Message) and find out how they are going with their Stage IV (4) cancer battles. 

For more details, please check the link:

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