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How to upload your screen capture into a forum post.

1. Make the needed screen capture by clicking the little camera icon in the spooky software. We need to resize the screen capture image due to the limits of the forum software. Max 1000 (width)x800(height) pixels
2. For this purpose we do the resizing via the handy online tool on the website: http://resizeimage.net
3. Step 1: upload your screen capture from your computer.
(see folder: c:\Spooky2\Data\SpookyScreenCapture.jpg)
4. Skip step 2 and 3.
5. Step 4: "Resize your Image" use only the second entry field: fill in "1000" (the first and third entry default, keep aspect ratio, and Auto Mode)
6. Skip step 5,6 and 7
7. Save the resized screen capture by pressing the button "Download Image" select target folder and save.
8. Check the Animated Gif Demo below for the further steps to put the screenshot in the posting.

The Animated Gif Demo:

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