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Why do I feel no effect after running the program for 2-3 days?

The effectiveness or otherwise of database sets also depends on the accuracy of your diagnosis. It's possible, too, that a different strain or a mutation of the pathogen is involved. Either way, if you get no results after 2-3 days, you should try another database set instead. Sometimes some disease are associated with other pathogens, you can search frequencies for these associated ones. Or you may find the source of the disease and target that.

Also just as your health issue didn't happen overnight, you should not expect an instant recovery. It takes time to gradually kill off undesirable micro-organisms, and remove all the undesirables from your body.

In some cases, we can have an issue with no symptoms. Likewise, one may not actually register changes in a way that can be perceived. Sometimes, it takes longer than 3 days -- this is why having a methodology to follow can be advantageous.

Really depends on what you are trying to achieve, your own condition, and the nature of what it is you are targeting.

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