Plasma tube stops lighting during sweeps.

1. Most likely problem is Spooky2 Central and or Plasma tube affecting your PC/Laptop. Try shielding the PC/Laptop by placing it in say a cardboard box lined with alluminum foil and have a small heat extraction fan.

I have my Plasma RF amplifier in a plastic case and have to relocate it into an aluminium or sheet steel box to help mitigate this problem as well. I will have to also put a small hole wire mesh over the fan vent hole as well.

2. I think you could be right about it being more likely as the XM gets more commands. Either that, or a particular frequency does it each time.

My guess at the moment is that it is somehow related to the usb cable and lack of grounding in the XM generator, and/or grounding in the pc of the usb earth.

For more details, please check the link:

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