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I have an dental infection that I'm having trouble getting rid of. I've been using both contact & remote, and H202 rinsing. It is an infection as the result of a root canal gone bad.

A dentist who is trained in the proper removal of a root canal would be something to look into.

What I mean a root canal has to be removed in a specific manner. The ligament has to be removed and the bone scraped where the infection is. A biological dentist will know the proper way to remove it. Are you in the USA? If you are you should be able to find a biological dentist. You need to find a dentist who works with patients that have cancer and get an opinion and options that will help you. Was the throat cancer there before the root canal and no one was aware of the cancer?

Not sure if the information that I'm providing to you is helpful, but calling around and locating a biological and also reputable dentist who is familiar with a case like yours might be a firs t step.

Sorry for your situation, I've been through hell with failed dental implants and know dealing with a bridge that more than likely is infected.

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