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If anybody had any success story about how to shrink hand cyst (ganglion), had it for years now and it have grow a bit bigger this last 6 months.

1. What I think is 'folk medicine' for these cysts and someone correct me if I've got the wrong cyst. Someone told me (long ago) that they had 'removed' one of these by whacking it with a heavy book. Maybe do a little research on the book idea.

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2. Try Spooky first, yes. Just do not allow a doctor to remove it surgically. I had a hand surgery specialist perform the operation on mine, many years ago. It took a year for the big thumb muscle to return to normal size/strength. And a sharp pain continued for 10 to 15 years. I had some luck with magnets, so try them out to see if that reduces the swelling. Now, it is just a distant, bitter memory. My G.P. at that time thought it was a simple problem.

3. Get a Keshe pain pad and be done with it.

4. I had a couple in my life and the bible thump was quick and effective. Gone in seconds.

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