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I have a tumor on my sternum, it has wrapped itself around the sternum in my chest. I do not know if it is cancerous or benign as I have not had a biopsy as do not want to disturb it. I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer before.

Since you already had breast cancer, it would seem highly likely that your present problem is a metastasis. This means that breast cancer cells are most probably involved. So I would concentrate on sets for breast cancer and breast tumors. All of these will show up if you enter "breast" as the Search term in Spooky2.

I would also add the Holland 11th Harmonic to your frequencies - see page 62 of the manual for instructions. By doing it this way, you're rolling the 11th harmonic into each frequency in the set, and transmitting a new waveform from Out 1 - useful if you're working with a single Remote. With dual Remotes or a Spooky Boost, you could instead enter the following values into the Out 2 Controls:
Out 2 = (Out 1 x 11) + 0 Hz

Personally, I believe that all cancers need two simultaneous frequencies applied.

Use the JW Kill Settings for the tumor, and the JW Heal/Detox Settings for detox - which you should do after every cancer session. We advise all cancer sufferers to get their hands on more than one generator - we recommend using four for late-stage cancers. In your case, with more than one, you could run cell destruction Programs on Generator 1, while simultaneously running detox and support Programs on Generator 2.

With regard to treatment durations, I would repeat each set 20 times a day, every second day. You could let the detox sets run non-stop.

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