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I am going to help two nephews and a niece who are not related to each other biologically but all have the same problem - slow in learning, weak in mental focus during studies, weak memory etc. Any advice?

All 3 can be treated using the same treatments. Detoxification is always a must and there is a specific way to do it to get the most benefit. There are some in the presets. Keeping the DNA samples in separate tapes in case one would need removed. You will find many sets for mental clarity and other brain functions. I use them on my hubby. When I turned them off he said he felt a bit more unfocused. He did not know I had removed them. I didn't know just how much it had been helping him til I removed the entire set that I named "Brain Functions." Each person will decide for themselves, as we are not doctors here but mentioning what we have used personally.

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