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I have one generator, remotes, and contacts. How do I operate it with the new software? Do I still use a carrier wave? Is there a link that helps those of us with no Spooky Central, etc, to carry on?

There are static carrier wave and dynamic carrier wave. Spooky2 can apply both.
The use of a static carrier wave is applicable mostly to contact mode, but is not required. If you found it worked better for you, then continue.

Static carrier waves via remote mode only have added therapeutic effects.

Dynamic carrier waves in both modes are better than static. The Holland 11th Harmonic dynamic carrier is an example of one that seems to work well even in remote mode.

Carrier waves via plasma effect the output completely differently as they generate side bands. This can only be reproduced in contact/remote by using the Modulate F2 using F1 feature in the lower left corner and would be something to explore once you fully understand the ramifications.

With all that said, keep doing what has worked for you, if you wish to move on to new things, try contact/remote without a carrier, and if you wish to keep using one, try using a dynamic carrier instead.

To implement dynamic carriers, use the Add F1 to F2 feature in the lower left corner.

More details on all of these options are well documented in the user guide.

For more details, please check:

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