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Can anyone explain how spooky2 can make minerals etc. Perhaps it just makes what is in your body already more bioavailable?....also would it be wrong to run that program ( minerals ) on remote over night? As it is set for just ten minutes.

Everything is made up of energy. When you look at things at their atomic level and then even smaller, you see only waves of energy. So when you eat or drink something, ultimately you take in the energy of the thing you are ingesting. So by sending the frequency of a mineral to your body, your body can use the frequency the same way as taking the actual supplement.

This is also done in another healingsystem that I use, called Energy Balancing by Numbers by Lloyd Mear. He uses numbersequences to bring frequencies into the body; he also has numbersequences for all the vitamins, minerals and many nutrients. Sending these numbers to a person works the same way as taking the supplement.

I also work with the principle of just sending frequencies to the body by putting a supplement (a pill or a liquid) onto a energy transmitting card and having the intention to send it to a person. It works perfectly. I use a paper radionics transmitting card for this.

Another way I apply the frequency of something without actually ingesting it, is during hayfever season: I write the homeopathic rate, which is normally used with a radionics machine, of Gelsemium on my hand. This works very well against my (and my daughters) hayfever.

Something I read or heared somewhere, can't remember where though, so can't find it again to show you:
they did an experiment where they made 2 petridishes with a medium and put a virus or bacteria (can't remember which of the 2) into one of the dishes. They put them next to each other and nothing happened. Then they put a thin plate of quartz crystal in between the dishes and a while later the pathogens had transferred to clean dish without any actual contact. (closed dishes so also no air contact)

For more details, please check the link:

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