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My baby and ring finger are numb and have the prickle sensation, it is called ulnar nerve compression or cubial tunnel syndrome. I am running both of these programs, contact and remote. Does anyone have any suggestions?

1. Have you tried the Carpal tunnel syndrome programs? eg. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 1 (Xtra). and Sciatica 1 (cafl) may also be worth a try. (464-465Hz seems to be the useful part)

You could also try a damped square wave in contact mode with your sets; sometimes more effective.

2. I also would try:
Nerve Inflammation XTRA
Nerve Pain XTRA
Neuralgia CAFL
The freq of 15Hz has been reported as beneficial, because it stimulates the cells to receive calcium more efficiently, and this helps with the healing.
A daily contact session would increase the effectiveness of the remote sessions.

3. My husband developed the same. A few things helped. First we learned it comes from the head coming forward like a turtle and as happens with aging and illness. This also puts stress on mid and low back as well as pinky and ring finger ulnar nerve. He immediately worked to regain his posture to get his head centered over his body and to sit and stand well. His neuropathy colleague has him do some easy exercises to strengthen the shoulder blades and get them on his back as opposed to rounding forward. Plus, to put a rubber band around the fingertips and open the hands to the resistance of the rubberband.

Another big key has been using far infrared.

See if the posture realignment helps. He stands against a wall to keep checking his progress. Yoga is fabulous for posture.

He turned it all around rather quickly once he figured out the cause.

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