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My husband's left hand was pulled into a spiral pipe machine. The worst part is his thumb, it is so painful that it is practically useless. I have run some joint pain frequencies on him and they seem to help. Any suggestions?

I have problem with my hands, all kinds of repetitive strain injuries and my thumb has been bothering me on and off for a year. I had a heavy window snap the devices that hold it in place this past winter and it came down on the thumb joint like a guillotine. As I am also a gardener the thumb got really bad this season. So bad, I thought I'd have to give up doing it. Here is what I've been doing and it's helped immensely.

I use the TENS pads for this treatment and create a set will only run one hour, then I treat with that set once a day. Once I complete the contact session, I change amplitude setting and run on the remote.

Place one TENS pad on the inside of the thumb, one on the outside. I usually palpate the thumb to find the worst pain points and put my TENS on that. Then I run different sets depending on what my main problem is (because I have multiple issues). Some of his issues might not be the same but the main ones I'd run on him would be:
Bone stimulate healing
Bone pain and Inflammation
Stimulate repair nerve damage

Additionals I also use that might be helpful are:
Nerve pain (there are many to choose from)
Tendons repair
Arthritis Rheumatoid
Diffuse Myofascial
Nervous system soothe
Neuralgia arms
Nerve disorders and Neuropathy

I find the problem not only involves just the thumb, these injuries stress the body in different ways. I sometimes put the TENS pads on the tendons of the lower arm as they feel ropy, and as you can see by what I run, there are lots of nerve problems.

I'd also run inflammation programs on him.

After the one hour contact treatment, put the same treatments on the remote. For contact mode with TENS (use John White's killing settings for contact mode...amplitude 20), make sure reduce amplitude < 10 is selected. I change the waveform to sine or square. When you run the programs on the remote make sure to use JW healing remote settings (amplitude 5). Also, be sure that when you attach the setup for contact that you remove the remote from the green boost. When done with TENS, disconnect that plug and replug in the remote.

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