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Spooky radionics question, in the De La Warr rates book are a number of 2 digit and occasionally 1 digit rates, lets say I find a rate of 27, on the three dial machine do I set this as 0-2-7 or 2-7-0?

This is where science steps out the door. You COULD do it either way. For me ( I am a little rigid minded regarding this) it would be 0 2 7 ....however Intention is involved in radionics therefore if your way of thinking is flexible, you can set the dials either way and the rate will be delivered as *intended*. Think of it as giving the command "stop" or "go". You can say it in every language and as long as the mind is clear on the meaning of the word used, "stop" and "go" are perfectly understood in any language. Someone with a rigid mind might think that you have to use English but someone with a flexible mind would think that there is no difference to use English, Spanish, or French because the meaning of the word is the same in all the languages. All that really matters is that the mind of the operator is very clear on what they are doing (intention).

While I tend to be more left-Brain with the use of the numbers in radionics, it is perfectly acceptable for me to use a system of clearing an issue by running the rate (and we'll use the example of 027) on my 18 dial device by running the number on its 'correct' position for a period of time and then changing that row of dials back to zero and placing the 0 2 7 on the next row of dials, and so on until I am out of rows of dials. I was told that this 'intensifies' (or maybe refines?) the clearing and I accept that.

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