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In reading Hulda Clark settings in the user guide. Could someone give an example of when to choose +100/+100 and when to choose +100/-100. Are they both called 100% offset?

Whenever you are using Invert + Sync on Ch. 2 and Boost, then use +100/-100.
Use +100/+100 when using Follow Out1.

Of course, there are other settings that need to change so Ch. 2 doesn't cancel Ch. 1's output.

For "Follow F1", both Offsets should be (+). What I think is most proper for this setting, though is to have both Channels select "H-Bomb Square" per the notes. This way the Ch. Control screen shows the proper frequency outputs for each output of the gen. About WCM 16 showing different number is normal, the frequency that shows up in the software is the right one, in the generator it shows a low harmonic multiplier from the right one.

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