If I have 4 Spooky2-XM Generators on remote running at the same time, what program do I use? Do I use same program on ALL 4 generators for better effect? Or I use different programs on different generator?

On the main spooky window you will see all four of your generators show as channels (light red buttons). You can pick any frequency set from the database and then click on any of the red buttons (generators/channels) and the generator will run that set/program. Then pick another frequency set and using the same process, you will have the next generators run that. You can do the same for the rest of your generators. In other words, you will setup each generator to run a different frequency set.

As you can see, this is the purpose of having more than one generators so can run many frequencies at the same time. Using all generators to run the same set/frequency, all at the same time, will not increase the effect.

So, the answer to your last question is 'Yes', use different programs on different generator.

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