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I intend to run the Spectrum Converge Sweep. But I can't help feeling that it may be useful to run some other detox sets or liver, kidney or whatever apart from Detox 4. Does anyone have an idea what would be a good set of additional detox type sets?

You can continue to re-run the terrain protocol, since steps 2,3,4 are all about detox and support.

To save you time: There is a preset that contains all of the frequencies and you can just let this loop; until you want to do something else with the generator.

If you have a spare generator then you can give it this task.
If you only have one generator then you would allocate part of the day to this loop; stop it and take a note of where it is up to in the preset
eg. its position 721 / 5376 (721st frequency out of total of 5376 frequencies). When you restart the channel you can then scroll and click on the frequency list so that it continues from the 722 frequency.

Terrain protocol in one preset is here:

Alternatively, if you don't want the step 1, metals part there is another preset here:

For installing; you should put the preset(s) in your c:\spooky2\presets folder and then restart Spooky2 software.

For more details, please check the link:

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