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Is Contact Mode Doing Scalar Wave in the Body? In contact mode you have the Inverse+Sync option. This seems in fact producing an electrical wave that is the opposite on OUT2. When the 2 waves meet in the middle of your body scalar energy will be produce.

Just wanted to clarify some points.

Yes, scalar waves are created by opposing electromagnetic waves. However, there is no opposing electromagnetic waves via contact.

Removing the fact that the electrical output of contact is just electrical, there is no opposing aspect of inverse+sync.

What is happening here is that whenever you take a signal and apply its opposite (a frequency that is 180 degree out of phase), the two cancel out. In contact mode, this would result in 0 voltage. In remote mode, this results in no LED lights.

Since the boost is wired using both center pins of each output, creating a circuit that has a common ground in the generator, the output of Out 2 is inverted by default. When the waveform goes positive on Out 2, being wired as the negative lead, it actually results in a negative swing, not a positive. So when Out 1 goes up to 10v, Out 2 goes to -10v and wallah, you have 0 potential. This is why the use of Follow Out 1 with the boost results in nothing done, unless you modify Out 2 in some way.

To allow the boost to actually work as intended, we must invert the waveform on Out 2, hence the use of Invert+Sync.

Now when the waveform goes positive on Out 1, resulting in +10v, and the waveform goes negative on Out 2, which is acting as the negative lead of the connection, the output for Out 2 also goes positive (a double negative). Since both waveforms are now in phase, sharing a common ground, they double the effective amplitude -- the potential has been doubled. Now we have +20v.

With the remote, the two coils that are in opposition to each other actually get voltage and an electromagnetic wave is actually produced. They cancel out after meeting each other and thus the scalar wave is produced. If we were to use Follow Out 1 which results in 0 volts, neither coil will energize and thus no scalar wave will be produced.

With contact, there is only either voltage, or no voltage. There is never an opportunity to generate the conditions required to produce a scalar field like the remote when using contact.

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