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I run fibromyalgia on 3 generators while still running detox frequencies on the fourth generator. After 3 or 4 days I started feeling even more tired and with more pain that usual, and the tiredness and pain has been increasing daily since then.

If you do a search on the Spooky2 database for pain, there are 81 sets and include fibromyalgia ones.
See if a set like Pain Acute (CAFL) will help. One of these sets may address the pain is the idea.

Select the frequency set, with an amplitude, dwell of 0.33, inverse-sawtooth waveform and let it run through the program once.
Alternatively you may want to give it up to 15 mins.
If it seems like it made even a slight difference to the pain level then include that set, otherwise discard it.

If you find a set that increases the pain then make a note of it but don't use it. When something steadily gets worse its sort of telling you to stop, stop!, stop!!
Have you tried green algaes, spirilina, chollera and others in power form - they are supposed to help according to the books.

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