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Success with prostate enlargement.

I've been helping him daily for the last month, with the following sets, used in contact mode:
Every odd day, he used MM_Prostate enlarged ODD.txt:

Every even day, he used MM_Prostate enlarged EVEN.txt:

After three days of sessions, he noticed a clear improvement of his symptoms.

After one month, the new ultrasonography showed an almost normal prostate, only slightly bigger than a normal one.

The new PSA value is 3.10ng/ml, which is a very good value, taking into consideration the last value of 5,25ngr/ml

I used tens pads on his knees, where the layer of fat below his skin was almost nonexistent, to improve current circulation.

The Boost cable was used, but, as you can see, I haven't marked Inv+Syc, because the tingling sensation was too much for him. I have used Follow Out1 instead, which in conjunction with Out2=Out1+0.1Hz, didn't doubled the amplitude, making the sessions more comfortable.

Attached you can find the two presets to be copied into your\Spooky2\Presets folder, and also MM_ModSquareDC83, to be copied into your \Spooky2\Waveforms folder.

Please check the Attachments
MM_Enlarged prostate ODD.txt
MM_Enlarged prostate EVEN.txt

For more details, please check the link:

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