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Has anyone had any experience treating multiple people at once on the same Remote?

In most cases, those who run multiple targets in a remote have not had shared symptomatic responses.

Because there is working theory on how this may be plausible, it has always been my recommendation that one does not mix human and non-human targets in a remote.

As for those we do mix into a remote, if you are already entrained with each other -- say are family, live in the same house, etc. you will find that you are already sharing patterns and should not be an issue.

Again, very few reports of this have been brought up. Perhaps it may have a lot to do whether we are being observant and sensitive enough to pick up on the very subtle exchanges that may take place. Perhaps the group you have comprises largely of very empathic individuals.

I have personally only experienced this type of situation once, and it was with my cousin. I endured a week-long pinched nerve which happened shortly after I added her to my remotes. Consequently, she had back pain in the same location during the first week as well.

Once this was overcome, we both now live happily in the same remote with 4 other people.

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