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I want to treat my mother on remote for rheumatoid arthritis. Do I have to detox her first and how long is the treatment for when it is started after the detox?

It is really good to start with the Terrain Protocol when someone is new to the Rife technique. This gets the body used to this form of energy in a gentle, stimulating way and opens the detox pathways.

As for the arthritis treatment - the length of treatment depends on many factors. First, this is a healing treatment so no-one can say with any certainty how long it will take because we don't know: 1) how much damage is done by the arthritis; 2) how healthy the patient is to know how she will handle the toxicity or possible accompanying pain - so how many breaks she will need to catch up on detox/pain alleviation; 3) what frequency set or combination of sets will be helpful or necessary for her; 4) etc.

The best thing to do is to pick what sounds like the most likely sets to try and start it running, but monitor her so you know if she is hurting, etc., so you can stop the treatment if it gets too intense. If she doesn't feel anything painful or beneficial after several days, then you may have to pick some different sets or possibly eliminate some pathogen before the arthritis sets will do what is desired.

I know I had some benefit from the nanobacteria / calcification program in Morgellon's Protocol. I can't say whether it will help your mom, as we are all coming from a different set of past experiences.

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