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If anyone has used the CPS Research frequencies and how they compare to Hulda Clark's frequencies. I assume that you cannot use the CPS Research preset with Spooky Central, so are the CPS frequencies still effective using Central's preset?

The CPS frequencies are provided as a sub harmonic if I understand correctly. I have not obtained any myself.

This sub harmonic is a lower frequency that most devices can produce. Since Spooky2 can produce a wide range of frequencies, the CPS preset transforms the frequencies to a higher harmonic to get it closer to the original frequency that Char calculated.

Since the SC is already transforming the frequencies to be over 100 kHz, the lower limit of the plasma tube, the JW - Spooky Central preset already does the same function as the CPS preset.

Please use Char's frequencies with the standard SC preset. Alternatively you could use the beat frequency preset, but since the objective is to generate a higher frequency, you probably will find the standard to be more effective.

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