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My mother had Stage IV breast cancer. It spread from her breast to near her spine, T6 down.

1. Now that you have done the terrain I'd suggest to try the following and observe any improvements with these:

(i) The late Johan Steggman suggested these frequency sets for Breast Cancer via remote(s). He believed strongly in Fibrosarcoma frequency being useful.
Run Fibrosarcoma - 1744 for many days nonstop.
If you were on chemo your hormone balance will be out. Then run:

Normalize Testosterone Levels Female - 1445
Endocrine System Balance - 1537
Hormonal Imbalances - 5.5
Estrogen Production Balance - 1351

If you have the equipment, I would use at least two BN remotes and generators, with one doing Fibrosarcoma.

(ii) Plasma
The SC cancer sets that come with Spooky2 software.

(iii) Plasma
The preset that was constructed for SC from a study:

(iv) Plasma
These may be worth trying:
'Breast Cancer 1 - 1/2, 'Breast Cancer 1 - 2/2' and 'Tumor breast'. (see:

and these, which I believe also came from the study in (iii) (but calculated differently) may also be worth trying
- Cancer tumor reduction (CUST)
- Cancer tumors (cust)

I would do (i) continually and then select out of (ii) (iii) (iv).

2. Hope the following can help you.

(i). Make or buy lipsomal vitamin C there is several ways to make this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zl45x3x-Vko
(ii).  Vitamin B12
(iii). Make Turmeric & Ginger & lemon & pepper brew see my post
(iv). Continue daily coffee enemas.
(v). Try carrot cancer as well.
(vi). Search forum for what other have done for breast cancer.

For more details, please check the link:

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