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Why is contact more suitable in telling if freq is suitable?

This part is about the investigation of finding out what could work, and a method that I have used; but, there are a few ways to go about it. I'll go through 3.

a)-The advantage of contact is that it is roughly 20/1 more effective from a time point of view.

For example, I have found that sinusitis frontalis contains a frequency of 320 Hz that appears to solve my symptoms quickly. I determined this by sitting there with contact mode for 9 mins (3 mins per frequency - it has 952, 320, 682 in its set) and I found that 320 stopped the sniffles.

Of course, now I don't run contact mode for this - at the first sign of sinus I have the remote going. In comparison, when I first started - I loaded up a whole lot of sets and ran them in remote and I noticed that hmmm, every hr or so my sniffles seem to stop!? but I didn't know exactly why.

b)-Another way, is to use the spooky2 pulse and see what hz it returns and then run remote with these frequencies and keep repeating this process. (more explained in the manual)

c)-There are also some vendors who have frequency sets available for EB (eg. Charlene's Boehm's DNA frequencies site). Some people on the forum may be able to give you specific sets to try as well via a PM.
It's your choice on contact, or remote usage.

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