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The Hulda Clark blueprint of the importance of the zapper being always at a positive offset, square wave and where the volt never goes down to zero regardless of frequency between 10 to 500000hz. How to do with Spooky2 that never reaches zero volt?

You can use the Offset feature. If you choose a square waveform, set an amplitude of 10V, and set an offset of +105%, you'll get a square waveform between +0.24V and +10V, just what you're looking for.

The offset is put into the waveform. You will be able to see the resultant waveform directly. 100% means that the waveform is always above or at zero volts. An Offset greater than 100% raises the base of the waveform further above zero volts. It is a useful feature that will certainly work, though the Amplitude is often reduced to keep the waveform true to the Offset setting.

The Colloidal Silver generation Preset uses this feature to maintain a voltage offset. You can also set the Hulda Clark frequencies to have a positive offset, which is what she recommended.

Since the offset is in the waveform you will not see this reflected in the generator display.

You can read about waveforms and offsets on pag. 180 of the current User's Guide.

For more details, please check the link:

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