How to connect the result from a diagnostic scan frequencies to a real pathogen or disease?

When I do a biofeedback scan with the Spooky2 Pulse, at the end of the scan a window pops up with the frequencies hit. I select 'write and save' in the bottom right of this pop up window. I name my bioscan files with the date. I name my files with year, month, day. So the files look like: 20160613Scan4 (scan1,2,3,4 is the ending). Since it is a number, they will become the last item in the database. So then it is easy to choose JW Killing in the preset. Then scroll to the last item(s) in the database to select your scan(s) to load into a program.

Once loaded into the GC program pane, you can select reverse look-up to see the results. If you choose Octal, it gives you the hits octaves away from the biofeedback scan frequency. These results are broad. They tell the frequency the body said was a hit but that same frequency could indicate cancer, Lyme, some weird river disease. So, it is not a diagnosis for a specific ailment as much as it is a diagnose to find frequencies your body says you need to run. So, we recommend running those frequencies and not panic over the Reverse Look Up Results. However, if you have a diagnostic scan from a doctor, you may compare to confirm what you have.

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