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I was not able to get the MODULATE F2 USING F1 TO WORK. I set CH 2 = 10X Ch 1 and got the correct Frequencies but the Modulation did not seem to be working.

It may be a matter of expectations. F2 is Frequency 2 (derived in software), using F1 which is the fundamental frequency. This function is performed using software and results in a custom waveform. It is not done by the generator.

F1 would be your fundamental (frequency from the program) and F2 would be 10 times this frequency in this case. The output of both frequencies would be the same on Out 1 and Out 2. If you were using Add F1 to F2, then you would get both frequencies out of Out 1 and Out 2 at the same time. Since you are using the modulate F2 using F1 function, then you will get F2 (10 times the fundamental) as the primary carrier and modulated by F1 (fundamental). This would be the case on both outputs as it is encoded in the arbitrary waveform that is being used by the generator.

The exception to this is if you then further modify Out 2's behavior, but whatever seed frequency (F1) that was being used for Out2 would then be used to calculate F2 (10x F1 in this case).

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