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How to place your plasma tube in the six inch near-field safely while you are sleeping?

1. Note any metal in the vicinity of the tube will affect the fields so it should be avoided. The best bed to put a tube underneath is a wooden one with a foam mattress so there is no metal. Sprung beds and sprung mattresses usually have iron springs that will affect the fields let alone steel framed beds. You could hang the tube a couple of feet above your bed from the ceiling with string since it isn't heavy.

2. I took a cardboard box of the right length and cut out the ends enough for the tube to slide into. The light flashes inside the box but the ends that get hot are outside the box. I also cover the box with a hand towel to further block the flashing light. 

This way the box can sit in the bed with me, right next to me. Knowing the energy travels through walls, I know it goes through this cardboard box as well.

3. Put the whole unit under the bedframe or beside it. Yes, touching the plasma is best, but even when it's just your vicinity it will still work! Also 2 more things to negate bad EMF:
(1). Try to see if you can turn off wifi at night.
(2). Buy a $15 crystal to put on top of you rife machine at night. I like "honey calcite". 

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