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We're helping a 22 year old horse who had a birth trauma, maybe cancer. She's crazy overloaded with Strongyle worms that have left her poor body weakened and anemic and of course the chemical dewormers they've given her have been ineffective.

1. I work with horses. Different therapies. Still learning the Spooky2 system first on people so i can apply it to horses. so just a beginner.

You would need to treat for shock first. from the birthing. this will normalise the energies and give horse some strength to push off some of the issues.This would take 3 days. then i would do abdominal frequencies to strengthen digestion. and kidneys. 4days. just same as for people. Then just focus on the worm issue. Pumpkin seeds will paralyse them. Is there an expulsion of dead worms frequency? Maybe use castor oil.

I muscle tested for horse soul/spirit horse soul/spirit 11965hz; One day I will go through the database and see what applies to horses well.

2. Please see this wonderful post:
The frequencies for strongyloides are the same whether they're in a horse or a human.

For more details, please check the link:

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