We have completed the terrain protocol for cancer and now ready to move onto Phase two - Targeting. We would like to run this next phase overnight but we cannot work out how to load each preset so that it just runs all night.

Each numbered step in the Plasma Plus Protocol represents a single 24-hour period. While it's easy to do all Presets in a step if you use SC during the day - which most people select to do - it's not possible yet to do this while sleeping. Unreasonably perhaps, we expect people to pick the longest Preset for use while sleeping, and do the others during the daytime. This would seem to be common sense.

However, this isn't a problem with step 7.
I'll make this clearer in the next version.

This isn't a problem with other protocols because we can build everything that's needed into one big Preset. But we can't do that for the cancer protocols because the user must build her own SC My Scans and SC My Target Presets.

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