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What do you do to rife your house for mold if the mold is behind walls? Does anybody here have other, better info on how to rife the house for mold? I haven't been able to live in my house for months because of this.

You could certainly try this using Remote Mode. However, the toxins which make us sick are chemicals produced by moulds, and these have no DNA - only the mold itself and its spores can have DNA. In the absence of a DNA specimen, the only way to get at mould behind a wall is either to tear it down, or use a Spooky Central in plasma mode - this will penetrate the entire fabric of your home. Please check the attachment-the SC mold presets.

We have a specific protocol for this: http://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/pests-and-mold-protocols-for-spooky2-home-care-kit/ This has been proven to be very effective by a lot of users.


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