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Two years ago I made an acquaintance with a benign, slow growing vagal schwannoma. It's located inside my left ear. What are the preferred software settings? What hardware to use based on above products (Tube/PEMF/Remote, etc)?

Since it's a slow growing benign tumor I would start with Spooky2 Remote and run the Terrain protocol first. You can find the Terrain protocol in Appendix A of the user manual. Once that's done then select Neurilemmona and run that for several weeks during the day time. Run the general inflammation sets as well.

I also recommend adding Turmeric to your meals every day. If you can get Turmeric root, peel and slice & dice and add to your food don't cook it. Also make lipsomal Vitamin C (Acerola Cherry), there are several ways to make this search youtube.

As long as you are taking daily supplements like Vitamin C, B12, Bio zinc, Lugols Iodine, and Flaxseed oil with Cottage Cheese (Budwig protocol) you will have the most important ones covered.

I would try applying the Ultrasonic on the left ear as well as doing the remotes at the same time. Spooky2 Plasma is safe to use but I liken it to using a Sledge Hammer to drive a nail. It's a matter of trying what you feel comfortable with.

Try Myelitis (XTRA), Nerve inflammation. (XTRA)
Again its a matter of trying to see what works for you. I have had good results using general inflammation, joint inflammation.

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