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I would love to see spooky2 has a frequency for Yttrium?

Method for controlling the resonance frequency of yttrium iron garnet films

What is claimed is:

A method for controlling the resonance frequency of a liquid phase epitaxy grown, single crystal, yttrium iron garnet film through the incorporation of lead as a partial substituent for the yttrium component of said film which comprises the steps of:

(a) forming a molten flux consisting essentially of 1278.8 grams of PbO, 23.737 grams of B2 O3, 84.712 grams of Fe2 O3 and 5.989 grams of Y2 O3 ;

(b) maintaining said flux at a growth temperature of from about 819.0° to 884° centigrade while simultaneously immersing a [111] crytal oriented gadollnum gallium garnet substrate into said flux for a period of time sufficient to effect the deposition of a single crystal, lead substituted, yttrium iron garnet thin film on to the surface of said substrate such that said lead substituted component is present in an amount of up to about three weight percent; and

(c) removing said film covered substrate from said molten flux, whereby said film is characterized by a resonance frequency ranging from a minimum value of 2558 Oe to a maximum value of 2601 Oe.

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