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Can I Run Morgellons protocol for non morgellons?

I agree its a good plan amongst a few others.

It's my understanding that the Terrain protocol is actually the first part of Morgellons protocol then it goes into various satellite conditions.
So the terrain protocol is about the essentials sets you should run before tackling any disease whilst doing the entire Morgellons with all of its satellite's would be the most thorough, but most time-consuming approach.

Morgellons Protocol is used because it is a pretty comprehensive pathogen killing protocol and does it in an order from smallest organism to largest so any small organisms that are being hosted by larger ones are killed so they are not released into your unsuspecting body if they were killed out of order. Many, if not all, of the Lyme pathogens are also treated in this protocol, so it is functional for both.

The Morgellon's also adds Brine Therapy and muscle testing aspects.

Now the Morgellon's protocol is in the software:

And the Morgellons preset is in Preset Collection file.

If you do a search on the forum for "morgellons" you will find some other discussions on how people have modified/combined terrain and Morgellons particularly for Lyme.

For more details, please check the link:

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    Per Ekstrand


    Is this protcoll for using 4 freq generators at the same time? But is it for remote or contact mode ? If contact mode it will take a long time sitting when every session is about 40-70 hours?

    Best regards


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    Suzy Fung

    Hi Per,

    Yes, this protocol is for using 4 freq generators at the same time. And it is for remote mode.

    Best wishes,


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