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What is the process that the Spooky engineering team uses to determine which frequency matches which disease? How does the engineering team determine the correct frequency?

The frequencies are from other Researchers claiming a success using a certain said Hz. They submitted them and they end up in the CAFL and other lists from anecdotal evidence. Whether they work for one person or none is NOT proven scientifically. But we don't need that as pathogens change and we need to adapt too and modify the frequencies WE use for OUR own specific issues. The database is a Starting point only. That will be considered heresy and will attack me likely for saying such. Yes, there are many big names claiming the CAFL is all correct. I disagree strongly. To say otherwise is a disservice to those looking for new hope in frequency research. Miracles do happen but, you need to work for them. HARD work...relentlessly against all odds and often Zigging when others say to Zag.

Only Royal Raymond Rife's frequencies can be considered a claim of Lab Proven support for the Hz efficacy.

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