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Why does Spooky2 not save my settings anymore? All channels be changed when I restarted. (I have 4 XMs and 4UDBs)

Some of us get problems with Windows changing our Port Numbers seemingly at random.
This is usually due to an uncontrolled close down of Spooky or the computer.

When you exit Spooky it will close the Com ports, but if it loses control it cannot close them. These Com ports can be seen in Device Manager / Port Settings / Advanced as "in use", and cannot be used. These are known as Phantom or Ghost ports.

For Win7,

Leave XMs connected, the CP2102 drivers will reinstall, in perhaps one or two minutes,
or connect individually, watching Device Manager install them.

Click Start / (right click:) Computer / Control Panel / System / Advanced System Settings (not Device Manager) On some W7 systems the Advanced System Settings may have a different location.
Click Environment Variables
Click in the System variables (bottom section) click New
Enter Variable Value: 1
Click OK (exits Environment)
Click OK (exits System Properties)

Click Start. In the command box, type Manage (or open Device Manager your usual way)

Click Device Manager
Click View and select Show Hidden Devices
Click Ports (COM & LPT)
Now all the ports, real (black text) and phantom appear.
One by one, right click the phantom ports, and select Uninstall
This should now have cleared out your system of unwanted phantom USB ports.

Leaving the Environment variable will mean that you can in future delete Phantom ports as soon as they appear using Device Manager in Show Hidden Devices mode.

On my system I have 3 phantom ports left but I can ignore these, they will work and be reassigned as normal.
I deleted these in Regedit while finding a solution, so the above routine did not find them.

I am on Windows 7 Pro 64 bit, but this should work on XP and Windows 8, the location of Advanced System Settings will vary.

For more details, please check the link:

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