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I have a chronic kidney and bladder infection, I took a lot of antibiotics in the past. It gave me lots of stomach problems. Do you have any experience targeting kidney infection and cystitis with Spooky?

You can download the database so you can search all the possibilities in treating and detoxing kidney, urinary systems.

Download the software then you can put in key words in the database search to see many options for this. Over 6,000 frequency sets to choose from plus you can add more.

Also see the Treatment Info files made by Johann which are stored here: It gives a decent idea of what it is like to use Spooky2, how folk started to use remote frequencies to treat themselves ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2/files/ ) and an idea of how to use the equipment effectively.

Start with blood cleansing herbs like dandylion leaf, root and petals, some dark green salads like ruccola, kale, etc. The balance of nutrients (vitamin A from the yellow part of the leaf, D from the sunlight filtering system of it, B and C in just the right balances) should help prime the epithelium in the stomach for when you start rifing. Antibiotics cause a fungal dominance, I'm working against the same thing. The uncooked (in the case of kale, gently boiled) greens have probiotics in them as well.

The stomach and gut tract end up with thin mucosa after rounds of bacteria, and that's the part that fights infection. I was shocked to hear the gut lining described as being keratinized (turned into a soft, flappy, weak material like thin skin) when low on vit A! Makes sense in the spring to load up on new growth. A porous gut wall is exactly what we call leaky gut. The Spooky 2 really helps heal, but building blocks are important straight up.

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