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Why is the frequency displayed in the the status bar different then what is displayed in the output? The frequency that is being generated is: 412. The DX displays: 242575000.


The short answer is that it is working correctly. For the why;

The DX field is showing the command Spooky2 is transmitting to the generator. The commands control waveform, amplitude and frequency and others. Its not meant to just show the frequency.
In general, to check correct frequency is being sent it's easier to compare what is in the green channel window with what is displayed on the XM generators LCD.

In your case here you have selected a H-bomb waveform that has a fixed WCM (wave cycle multiplier) of 16.
If you take 412/16 you will get 25.75 and you can see that these numbers are in the DX text. The XM generator LCD would show F = 25.75Hz
If you used a waveform such as square and WCM of 1 you would see DX::2441200000 and the XM would show F = 412 Hz

If you want to read up on WCM you can find it in the user manual. Page 179 of the latest manual shows how the H-bomb waveform is constructed.

For more details, please check the link:

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