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I ran the frequencies produced by the scan and didn't feel any current for a while, even though the amplitude was set for 20.

1. If you used the recommended settings for a systemic scan (76,000-152,000Hz), your results will all be too high to feel in Contact Mode. The very top of the range in which frequencies produce sensation is 10,000Hz. Over this, you won't feel anything.

2.I suggest a test for you so you can determine the highest frequency that you will feel.

Just use the XM in Manual mode(OR do a sweep up and pay attention) and adjust it to 1kHz. Slowly increase the Amplitude until you feel it just below uncomfortable.
Then, slowly increase the Frequency.
At some point, you will no longer feel anything.
That is YOUR specific threshold.

People will have varying different thresholds, depending upon many factors like, hydration level, minerals level, skin thickness, pain level.

You probably are just using a Hz that is higher than your threshold and the XM is working fine.

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