Do I have to shut down the system and turn off all my generators and then log back in for sweeps when I use the original generators?

You actually don't need to shut down anything. When you get ready to run the Sweeps, just repeat the process you performed to manually sync the generators and unset the sync. It should read Trace mode: No

When you have done this, then load the next program and continue on.
Once you are done with the Sweeps, reset the flag to synchronize the two outputs.

If you need a recap on the process, it is as follows:

F4 (CH2)
F5 (Down), F5 (Down)
F3 (Sync)
Press F2 (T. F) to either set Trace mode: F. or Trace mode: No depending on sync status desired.
F1 (Retn)
F1 (Up), F1 (Up)
F1 (Retn)

For more details, please check the link:


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