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Can you explain the benefit of the "beat frequency" option for SC? Also, notice that gate is adjustable now. Default is 4hz, but heard it could be beneficial to gate at 50 to 60hz while using beat. Just wondering how best to navigate these two features.

The SC Users Guide will shed additional details on the preset that I won't cover here, but distilled this is what the Beat Frequencies preset does:

It takes the original frequency from the database and creates a modulation frequency that will result in the first lower sideband (read additional frequency generated) being equal to the original database frequency.

The default SC preset uses a fixed modulation frequency of 16 Hz, which results in sidebands being generated every 16 Hz both up and down from the frequency being sent from Out 1 for comparison.

The benefit is that you can actually generated frequencies lower than 100 kHz which is the tube's minimum frequency by using the creation of a sideband.

The term beat frequency most likely stems from the similarities of what happens when one uses binaural frequencies via headphones, which is commonly referred to as a beat frequency.

As for the gate, yes it is now user definable for each and every generator (started with the March release). Please be aware that the maximum of 66 Hz translates into 132 updates to the generator per second. Not many systems will tolerate this level of communications without faltering even if it was the only generator running.

Best to stick to 4, 8, or 16 if your system can handle it.

For more details, please check:

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