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I noticed a small area of discoloration behind and below my right ear. It is about the size of my small fingernail. Basically it just looked like a pinkish red blotch. I also noticed a small scab about 1/8" on my upper back/neck area.

I would look for Cancer Carcinoma and here is what I found on the CAFL List:
Cancer_carcinoma_basal_cell_skin (use 2116 for 30min, others for 5 min, 2116*) - 2116, 760, 2128, 2280, 2876

Cancer_carcinoma_basal_cell_skin_1 (use with 5Hz fuzz) – 11546700, 11546730, 11546750, 11546760, 11546870, 11546900

Cancer_BX_virus (carcinoma virus. Sweep up and down 1000hz on MHz freqs and use 0.01Hz sweep on 2876 and 2790, 2128*, 11780000*) - 11780000, 17033662, 1604368, 21275, 17034, 46015.6, 23007.8, 11503.9, 10025, 3713, 2876, 2790, 2128, 2008, 1604

You might want to run the spectrum sweeps later, there should be around 6 of them and if you use dual remotes they each sweep other frequencies like either one starts at bottom and runs up and second one starts about midway then runs up or one starts at bottom and runs up and other starts at top and runs down in the frequency ranges!

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