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Do audio headphone therapies play OK with Spooky2 Remote?

While I can't claim to have all the answers, I can attest that use of isochronic tones, or even binaural beats, while under the influence of one or more remotes does not cause the issue.

I typically have 8 remotes going at once. I also have a number of tracks that incorporate both isochronic and binaural encoding to target very low frequencies for meditative use. Note that the encoded binaural beats don't always use low frequencies as you may already know, as it is the difference between the left and right channel that counts.

I particularly like to use two tracks that are designed to get the brain down to 4 Hz or 7.83 Hz while meditating. I also have my Schumann Resonator going that is broadcasting 7.83 Hz via remote, and the Chakra 2 Chain protocol going on another remote.

My experience with these tracks has been profound, to say the least, and I have experienced many new things in my meditations once I started using the Chakra 2 Chain at the same time. I brought up the Schumann Resonator only to highlight that having 7.83 Hz via remote and 7.83 Hz via isochronic tones did not cause the issue.

My take is that while one is targeting our body deeply (remote), the other is generally just entraining the brain and our brain wave patterns.

Granted, affecting the state of the brain is potent and when we affect our mind, we affect our body. However, I don't yet foresee isochronic tones or binaural beats having much influence to our cells directly. There is just not enough penetration or power behind the sound that is isolated to the ear via headphones, or even to the body via a good pair of speakers.

While one can do many things to increase the efficacy of sound waves to the body (the link above is a good example) it isn't the same as direct exposure via a remote, electrically induced application (contact), or the power that a properly powered ultrasonic wand can achieve.

I hope the above helps and alleviates any concerns you may have had trying both at the same time. There is much value in the application of sound to guide our mind.

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