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Can someone give me a definition of "frequency fatigue" along with a description. How I can tell if I am experiencing frequency fatigue. I have been experiencing what I believe is herxing but how would I know if it was frequency fatigue.

Frequency fatigue feels very similar to herxing. The original v1.0 remotes without a magnet were known to induce frequency fatigue with use over time, but the newer v1.1 remotes with a magnet are not known to do so. There is one caveat, the black (MN) remote has been known to cause potential frequency fatigue after 3 days of continuous use.

The way you can tell if it's frequency fatigue vs. a genuine herxheimer reaction is if when you stop the frequencies, does the condition of feeling unwell go away rather quickly.

Your reaction does appear to be more herx related than frequency fatigue. While I can not say this is the way it is for everyone, frequency fatigue would be more like a headache and no energy. General feeling of not feeling well, but usually never an indication of toxin buildup like swelling joints.

Glad you have found frequency sets that are working for you.

I had another good thought on how to describe frequency fatigue.

If you have ever gone to a very loud concert, you know that feeling you have afterwards. Your body having the sensation of being overloaded and a pressure that either exists or lack of pressure on the body.

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