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Who is using Spooky2 in agricultural domain?

Here is an idea. Charge a material that can hold a frequency and add it to your irrigation line. I don't know what your irrigation setup is like so you may have to tinker. Fused quartz disc (expensive) holds frequency for a very long time. I don't know how it will work with multiple frequencies. I have one 3"diameter x 1/8 thick fused quart disc charged with the frequency for blue-green algae that has held the charge for almost a year. I think regular inexpensive glass discs should work also.

The shape of the glass may be also a factor. I tried glass marbles (spheres) and they did not seem to hold the frequencies; maybe I just did not charge them properly.

Another experiment I plan on trying is to charge inexpensive anodized aluminum disc with various plant nutrients and hang them in close proximity to the plants.

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