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I am on the cusp of some major surgery where they plan to split me open and would appreciate suggestions as to appropriate healing frequencies to heal the sternum and possibly any picked up infections Post Op at hospital.

I would investigate on the following sets:

Sets for the iatrogenic infections (the ones that you catch when in a hospital):

Iatrogenic infections XTRA
Lung Infection Gordonia Sputi XTRA
Morgan Bacterium CAFL
Enterobacter Aerogenes HC
Pseodomonas Aeruginosa Wound CUST
Staphylococcus Aureus CA/HA CUST
Surgery Pre-op Post-op Prevent infections CAFL
Infections General CAFL

Sets for accelerate healing:

Post Surgery Detox Anaesthesia CAFL
Accelerate Healing XTRA
Accelerate Injury Healing XTRA
Adhesions CAFL
Bone regeneration 1 XTRA

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