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Can I use Spooky2 pulse to do biofeedback scan with animals?

1. For reliable results, the subject should be totally relaxed, or even asleep. This is not a problem for humans, but an animal may react to something clipped to the ear as an irritant to be shaken off like an insect. And if that happens, the scan can't complete.

If you know what you're scanning for, it's possible to reduce the time taken by entering the frequency bandwidth you wish to search. Or you could also split the scan up into its own smaller bandwidths and do them at different times, then amalgamate the results in one treatment Program.

You can input the frequency sweep via remote, but you must have the heart monitor physically attached. Scan results can be transmitted in Remote Mode.

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2. I really want to do a biofeedback on my cat when I put the earclip on his ear he freaks out. I think a dog would be more tolerant of an ear clip, I might try it though have to do it when the dog is asleep and has a leash on, so doesn't run away with ear clip on. I would use remote instead of TENS pads. I would have either cat or dogs nails in remote and do it that way. I am just unsure the best method to do earclip.

3. You can use the ear clip on any body part that generates a pulse. May have to find the best place on the ear and even shave the spot so the hair does not interfere. I would put a fraction of a nail in the Remote rather than using contacts to generate the frequencies.

4. I used the TENS pads on his abdomen. I could not get an adequate heart rhythm otherwise, not by inside legs, not by ear lobes, etc., as others had previously done. None of the information that I found elsewhere was particularly pertinent.

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