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Where are my scan results?

Please refresh the database, then check at the bottom of the list of frequencies in the database (after Zygomycosis), it should be among your custom frequencies.

Every time you add into the database and waveforms, you will need to refresh them. I also turn off Spooky then restart after refreshing either one of them.

The scan results are saved in the file:


This is your custom database, and also stores any custom frequency programs you create.

Just copy this file over and merge it with the copy on the other system.

The directory you were looking into are the raw data files that Spooky2 creates when you do a scan, from which it derives the top hits.

On a more important note, these are comma separated value files. They are not excel files (even though excel can work with them). If you open with excel, the format is changed and becomes corrupt for Spooky2.

Best to use notepad.exe to edit them.

For more details, please check the link:

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