Can I unplug USB cable while the program is on standby and plug it in to continue the program?

The short answer is no.

The long answer is that when Spooky2 starts up it establishes a serial connection over the USB protocol.

This serial connection is not hot pluggable like the USB protocol is. So when you unplug the generator, the communications protocol established between Spooky2 and the generator is broken.

The only way to re-establish this comms link is to shut down Spooky2 and restart the program.

The best way to deal with a shortage of USB ports is to wire the generators into a usb hub and then the hub will only take one USB port of your computer.

Additionally, depending on the number of usb ports on the hub, you can wire other devices into it as well.

Currently I have my mouse plugged into the hub I have my generators on for instance.

I recommend a powered usb hub if you will be using more than 4 ports.

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